Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

I’m always amazed how animals are so much wiser than us humans when it comes to mating!

And the stars of the show today are penguins!

How about having that penguin kind of spirit? They are always joyful, cute and adorable, and will melt a heart of any human who plays with them. And that is in spite of them living in very harsh conditions.

Love lessons we could learn from penguins?

~ Most of male penguins are mature enough to mate by the age of 5-8 years old. That’s considering that average life span of wild penguins is 15-20 years.
~ Most of penguin species are monogomous. And the only reason they look for another mate is a death of their partner.
~ When a male penguin is in love he’ll be searching the entire beach for a perfect pebble to present to the chosen female.
It’s a way of proposal. If she accepts, they can build a nest and start mating.
~ Penguins love spending time with their partners and separate only when hunting for food.
~ Penguins communicate all the time by vocalizing and performing physical behaviors. Penguin’s calls are individually identifiable and assist in mate, territory and chick recognition, and warn other members of predators.

~ Penguins do fight between each other but they do it fairly. Or should we say with respect?
~ They’re very affectionate and proclaim love to their partner with a loud “I love you” scream quite often. They get very excited and “dance” when they see their partner.
~ Male and female share responsibilities of taking care of their chicks and are very affectionate towards their babies as well.
~ Most of penguins live in groups and realize how important it is to have support of their friends and families if they want to survive.
~ They have fun and smile a lot.
~ They take a good care of their bodies, even after they settle down with their partner. They bathe often and take races when running to the ocean. It’s one of the ways they have fun.

Don’t we all want to have that penguin kind of love?

Written by Kate Khmel