This is an additional service. If you want to make your love last a life time, it’s important to have good relationship skills, even if you’re a good match. Most of the people are not born with such skills but anybody can learn it. So if you feel like you’re spinning wheels in your dating and have difficulty finding the right person, have had a stream of failed relationships, stuck in a dead-end relationship, group or personal coaching is what you need.

Self-study courses

Can’t afford private matchmaking services? And want to search for your soulmate yourself?

Give online dating a chance then!

Is it possible to find love online?

The answer is “Yes”.

I know this because I’ve done it successfully for over a decade, either for myself or my clients.

Dating is a skill like any other that you can learn and master with practice.

This 5 – module , 120 minutes self-study video course  will give you the foundation to have a great start with online dating, no matter if you’re new to dating or have been dating for years. We’ll discuss what works and what common mistakes singles make with online dating.

You will learn:

Module One ” Introduction ” What’s the “weather” for todays online dating and dating in general.

Module Two ” Pictures ” How to have a great photo portfolio to put your best foot forward.

Module Three ” Best Websites and Timing” Review of most popular dating sites and best times to date.

Module Four ” Write your Bio” Easy to understand tips on how to write your best Bio.

Module Five Communication and Search” How to communicate and search effectively online.


* Every student will have an opportunity to send their written profile for review.

* You’ll be able to comment and ask questions as you go through the course.

* You’ll get a preview of my next course ” Getting ready for Love”

Why do you need this course?

* Online dating can be a fun and effective way to meet the right person for you. 40% of relationships started with an online communication of some sort.

* For comparison, I charge $250 to write a profile for you. But it’s more valuable if you get a self study course as you’ll learn a lot about yourself and dating in the process that will have a more lasting effect.

* Online dating is relatively an inexpensive way to find your match. My private matchmaking services start at $999. This service involves a personal representation and finding compatible matches for you. You’ll get dates but you’ll still have to build a relationship with this person.

* Online courses is a great investment in your self development and it’s again way cheaper than private coaching. To give you an idea, I charge from $250/hour for one-on-one coaching.

So as I said it before: ” Stop complaining about why it’s not working and get educated”. None of us can start dancing salsa immediately!  I’ll be there with you every step of the way.


Private Coaching Packages

The goal of private coaching is to make you happy, confident and ready to date again, even if you’ve had disappointments in the past or haven’t dated in years. We show you that it’s possible to have a fabulous lifestyle, great relationships and enjoyable career without sacrificing one for another. You’ll gain new habits and skills that will stay with you for years to come.

Please fill out the contact form below and we’ll contact you for your Free Discovery 20-minute session.

Bronze”    $855

This is an 8-week program. What will you get?

~ 8 hours of private coaching (one-on-one call once a week).

~ Mock dates.

~ Great online dating profile that attracts right people to you. This is optional if you’re completely against online dating.

~ Exercise materials for self-study between sessions.

~ Let go of previous emotional baggage, discover what your real needs are, make space for new love and have a shift in your perspective on dating and relationships.

~ Gain strong relationship skills that will help you in other areas of your life as well.

~ Discounts to our exclusive events.

 “Silver”  $1,255


Bronze package + Style. This is a 10-week program. Our programs have an inside-out approach. So after you’ve completed the materials from the bronze package, Image consultant will work with you personally to find your unique style that goes along with your personality, lifestyle and body type to let you stand out.

 “Gold”   $2,055

 Silver package + Fitness and Wellness Coaching. This is a 12- week program. Need to get in better physical shape along with getting much needed peace and joy in your heart and before you start upgrading your wardrobe? Then this program is for you!

Personal trainer will design an individual nutrition and exercise plan for you to help you look and feel great.

Make an appointment with a coach and start moving closer to your dream relationship!

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